Directions to Muttodaya

The address of Muttodaya Forest Monastery is Herrnschrot 50, D-95236 Stammbach, Germany. The house and extensive property is located in so called "nature park Frankenwald", a quiet and idyllic setting with a lot of forest. It has a central position in Germany and can be reached from major cities in a few hours.

By car via highway A 9

From the South: take exit No. 38 to Marktschorgast, follow the main road through the town, then via Ziegenburg to Gundlitz. At the T-junction turn left, at the end of the village turn left again to Herrnschrot.

From the North: take exit No. 36 via Stammbach to Gundlitz, at the end of the village turn left to Herrnschrot.

(Navigation systems are sometimes misleading. If you prefer to use one instead of following the directions given here, you do so at your own risk.)

There are nor parking and turning facilities for large vehicles (tour busses, big camper vans) at the monastery!

By train to Marktschorgast, Münchberg or Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg station.

railway station is a bit further away, but it is connected to an inexpensive share taxi service to Gundlitz (about 4.50€). From Gundlitz it is a 15 minutes walk to the monastery. The share taxi has to be ordered at least 40 minutes before arrival under ph 09251-2220. It leaves from a place diagonally opposite the station, 5 minutes after each full hour (not 10 p.m to 2 a.m.).

A regular taxi from railway stations Stammbach or Marktschorgast costs about 20€ and can be called under ph 09227-973322 (Taxi "Frankenwald"). Train service to Stammbach is infrequent, better to use another station.

From railway station Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg there is another share taxi to Cottenau: Schedule (other bookings by appointment are possible). From Cottenau it is a 20 minutes walk to the monastery.

Pilgrimage on foot:
[overview map]

from Marktschorgast railway station:
From the station follow the main road downhill crossing the town. At the junction where the main road (right of way) turns right, you turn left.
Follow this road to Grundmühle and continue straight where an educational hiking trail (Lehrwanderweg Schorgasttal) follows the little river Schorgast through a beautiful valley.  After a while you reach information board No. 15. Here the little Weißenbach creek flows into the Schorgast and you turn right into Weißenbach valley.
(walking distance to this point: 4 km)
[detail map Marktschorgast]
[detail map information board 15]

Follow Weißenbach creek upstream on the right side. The path is marked "KU13". After 100 m cross the creek to the left, leaving "KU13". Walk along the creek on its left side for another 100 m. Then turn left and ascend a steep forestry road following a small tributary creek, crossing a meadow until you reach the village of Weißenbach.
Cross the village, keeping the direction (don't turn left after the pond!). After the last barn on the left you reach a crossing with wooden hiking signs. Go straight towards "Sportplatz Cottenau".
[detail map Weißenbach]

First along a gravel path between two fields, then on the left edge of the forest, then enter the forest and walk another kilometer to the soccer field (Sportplatz). Walk straight until you almost reach the asphalt road. 10 m before the road the walking direction changes: turn right, back into the forest and follow the well marked hiking trail "KU14" down, another 600 m to the monastery. (Walking distance from info board 15 to the monastery another 4 km.)
Total walking time: about 2 hours.
[detail map Herrnschrot]

from Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg railway station:
From the station cross the rails (bridge) and follow the main road towards Wirsberg. At the intersection with traffic lights keep walking straight, following the main road through Wirsberg. Cross the historical bridge and turn right onto the geological hiking trail towards Marktschorgast. In parts it is marked "KU13", "KU14" and "N". At information board 15 you proceed as above.
(walking distance to this point: 5 km)
Total walking time: about 2.5 hours.
[detail map Wirsberg]
[detail map Neuenmarkt]

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