How to support Muttodaya

Our Buddhist monastery has been dedicated to the Sangha of the four quarters, that is to all monks who are practising on the basis of the original Dhamma-Vinaya. It is supported through the voluntary mutual generosity (dāna) of the lay people. The members of the Sangha have no income. They give their service, their time and energy free of charge, dedicating their whole life to the practice of the Buddha's Teaching and leading through their example. Lay people who are inspired by this support the monks in return. This symbiosis has been alive for more than 2500 years already. The monastery has no source of income except for the goodheartedness of others. Those seeking support and inspiration in the monastery are welcome without being charged any fees.

If you would like to support the monastery there are the following options:

1. Donating money

Monks are not allowed to accept or use money according to their monastic rules. Therefore please do not hand money to the monks. You can put monetary donations into the donation box (it will be emptied by the monastery assistant) or send donations to our Paypal account or the bank account of the association “Buddhistische Gesellschaft Frankenwald e.V.” (BGFW) which is the financial steward of the monastery:
safe with PAYPAL

Name: Buddhistische Gesellschaft Frankenwald e.V. (BGFW)

Bank: Sparkasse Hof 
IBAN:  DE 29780500000220711444

2. Donating material items

A list of things needed can be found
here (in German only). Planned building projects include 3 Kutis (huts in the forest), improving the main building and lay guest facilities.

3. Donating food

The monks have their daily meal at 11 a.m.
If you wish to contribute to the meal please arrive at the monastery a little earlier in order to have enough time to prepare the offering. It helps coordination if you let us know about your contribution in advance.
If you can’t make it to the monastery at that time (e.g. because of having to work during the week), you can also deposit your offering of cooked food in the monastery kitchen in the late afternoon. Your gift will be re-heated and offered to the monks on the following day.

4. Donating work

Your help with building or maintenance is also greatly welcome, be it a couple of hours during the day or longterm during a stay at the monastery. For arrangements please contact us.

The monastic community Muttodaya does not run a blog and does not participate in "social networks". If you encounter any Facebook, Twitter or similar accounts, or a Blog bearing the name "Muttodaya", please be aware:  THEY ARE FAKE!

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