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News from Muttodaya

  • News before the rains retreat  2019
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Tan Ajahn Kevali (abbot of Wat Pa Nanachat) came beginning of June for a couple of days.
Samaneri Anuvidita (Aneñja Vihara) came in May for a couple of weeks.
Thai crown prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti came for day visits.


Renovation of the Dana room has  been completed. Very nice!

  • End of the year 2018 news
The Thai prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti came several times for a visit.


The stairs in the monks area were reinforced, sanded and recoated (Ashin Ottama).
Renovation of the Dana room has started in December.

Five bhikkhus spend the rains together (Tan Ajahn Cattamalo, Ashin Ottama, Ajahn Mettiko, Tan Chandako, Tan Viranando). The quorum for a Kathina was thus fulfilled.  Kathina cloth was offered on the 28th October. The Kathina was spread by Ajahn Mettiko.

  • News before the rains retreat  2018


The second Muttodaya meditation retreat took place under the guidance of Ajahn Cattamalo at Buddhayana-Haus, Stadel.


The well equipment and the central heating equipment needed some repair and replacement.

A second tent roof was tailor made for the nothern part of the terrace.

The dilapidated roof of the women's kuti was replaced. Ant friendly insulation of  Styrofoam was replaced by glass wool. (outside: Gero, inside: T. Viranando plus helpers)

The kitchen was completely renovated: the walls got drainage, new tiles and plaster; new floor tiles, new equipment. (Dietmar, helpers and companies)

The heating room was completely renovated inside: floor tiles, new paint, new sink and so on. (A. Ottama singlehanded)

A roofed meditation platform at the lotus pond was built in Pamsukula style, i.e., only leftover wood was used (construction, drawing: A. Mettiko, building: Frank and Leo)

Visitors with upasampada (according to  seniority):

LP Udom Ñanarato, Wat Sathitdhammavararam, Bueng Kan, Thailand, 69 vassa, 92 years old, came  1st - 2nd July

Tan Ajahn Dtun Thiracitto, Wat Boonyawat, Chonburi, Thailand, 43 vassa, came  25th June - 2nd July

Ajahn Tejapañño, British, Wat Boonyawat, see above, 25 vassa, came with TA Dtun

Ajahn Kantapañño, German, Wat Phoo Pha Daeng, Udon, Thailand, 10 vassa, came  3rd - 10th June

Tan Bodhinando, German, Ajahn Chah tradition, 8 vassa came in April/May for a couple of weeks

U Viraga, German, Pa Auk tradition, Burma, 2 vassa, came with permission of his Nissayacariya for 3 weeks in May

Ayya Phalañani, German bhikkhuni, Aneñjavihara, 9 vassa, came 22nd bis 27th June

10 Years Muttodaya - Celebration on 27th May 2018

More than 300 friends of the monastery participated in the festivities of our 10th anniversary. Rice pindapata, forest cloth ceremony,  slide show, movie show, paritta chanting, meditation and speeches by our honorary guests. Monks and guests were fed by many food donors and Chintana Singer's dana noodle shop.
VIPs: Royal Thai Ambassador of
Embassy Berlin, Mrs  Aurapin Leelittham, Consul Mrs Phanchita Rommayanont from Royal Thai General Consulate Munich, Vice Landrat and 1st mayor of Naila, Mr Frank Stumpf and 1st mayor of Stammbach, Mr Karl-Philip Ehrler.

  • End of the year 2017 news

The Thai prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti came several times for a visit.
  • News before the rains retreat 2017


The first Muttodaya meditation retreat took place under the guidance of Ajahn Mettiko at Buddhayana-Haus, Stadel.


Trailer kuti 2: interior and a roofed and walled entrance terrace has been finished (A. Ottama, A.Mettiko, Benni). In Trailer kuti 1 furniture was upgraded.

Website: all Mutto-Talks (in 3 languages) plus pictures and texts have been combined into our MEDIATHEK ( Alex).

The workshop has been equipped, refurbished, upgraded ... (A.Ottama).


LP Liem Thitadhammo (head of the Ajahn Chah tradition), Ajahn Kevali, Ajahn Moshe, Ajahn Amnat (2nd to 5th May)

LP Sopha Uttamo (Ajahn Chah tradition, from Khorat province), Ajahn Pakorn ( 27th June to 5th July)

Khruba Khantiko (he now lives in a small mountain hermitage in Chiang Mai province - 20th to 31st May)

Ven. Samita (our former Anagarika Markus, who was ordained in Sri Lanka and lives there - 24th March to 22nd April)

Four bhikkhus spend the rains together (Tan Ajahn Cattamalo, Ashin Ottama, Ajahn Mettiko and Tan Chandako). The quorum for the recitation of Patimokkha is thus fulfilled.

  • End of the year 2016 news
A new fully insulated trailor kuti was built according to our specifications (by carpenter Mr Huchler) which now serves as a fourth 4 seasons accomodation in the forest. The interior will be finished next year.

Ven. Sambodhi (Czech) came for a three week visit
  • News before the rains retreat 2016


Improvement of facilities  at the Mahathera kuti, 
repair of the old terrace wall
improvement of our well water supply
(projects are finished or almost finished)

Ven. Ekaggato (Luang Ta Farang, USA) came for a visit from Thailand.

For the first time five bhikkhus spend the rains together (Tan Ajahn Cattamalo, Ashin Ottama, Ajahn Mettiko, Tan Thiracitto and Tan Chandako). The quorum for the recitation of Patimokkha and a Kathina is thus fulfilled.

  • End of the year 2015 news
The chimney head of the kitchen chimney was repaired and plastered (Jörg).  An "adult" box tree (donated by Eddie) has been integrated into the pond hedge by Michael and team. Michael also replaced the broken handles at the garage doors. Benni made a new lid for our well.

In September Thich Thong Trach, the vice abbot of Amitayus monastery (Vietnamese Zen and Pure Land Buddhism), came for a visit.
Ajahn Sujato, an Australian scholar monk, came in December for a 3 days visit.
  • News before the rains retreat 2015

Our stupa / rose hill received intensive gardening treatment (by Michael and team). The platform on top was repaired (2xKlaus and Remo). The chimney of the kitchen oven got a new roof (built by Benni) and other repair. On the outside terrace a beautiful sun shade (built by David) replaced the old ugly party tent. The monastery well, water supply machinery and waste water plant needed and received repair and improvement. The broken tiles at the main entrance were replaced (Jörg). The main building had to be equipped with a new set of wireless connected smoke detectors. The garages were repaired and made fit into the overall design of the main building (Dietmar and A. Mettiko). The cellar of the bathroom building at kuti 1 got a ventilation system (Gero and Eddie). The big wood shed got a new weather protection paint coat (A. Mettiko). A special thank you to Alexander who helps solving computer problems on an ongoing basis.

Many thanks to all donors and helpers!

Further building and development projects (e.g. improving the facilities for aged visiting monks at the Mahathera kuti, replacing the old terrace wall) had to be postponed due to financial reasons.

Visiting meditation masters 2015:
Luang Phor Bunmee Dhammarato, Thai, abbot of Wat Tam Dtao, 40 rains, came with his attendant, Ajahn Ek. He inspired us with a whole series of Dhamma talks.

25.-30. June:
Bhante Gunaratana, Sri Lanka/USA, abbot of Bhavana Society, at 68 rains the most senior monk ever to visit us, came with his attendant, Ven. Mangala, USA. It was a source of joy to listen to Dhamma from Bhante G and an honour to do the recitation of Patimokkha with him.

Again four bhikkhus spend the rains together (Tan Ajahn Cattamalo, Ajahn Mettiko, Ajahn Kantadhammo and Tan Chandako from Spain). The quorum for the recitation of Patimokkha is thus fulfilled.

  • End of the year 2014 news
The main building got yet more insulation and the new plaster and paint job could be completed. New slate window sills and a fresh painted main sign board finally make the main building a beautiful sight.
The rafters of the barn were reinforced to keep ahead of the woodworms' work.
Many thanks to the many helpers and donors.

Khruba Dan Thiracitto, a German monk living in Thailand came for a 10 day visit.
  • Rains retreat 2014 news
The pond has been finished. A hedge (with thorns and flowers) has been planted around the pond and reeds and others water plants have been planted in the shallow water zone.
The wood shed has received the long needed gutter.

Visiting meditation masters 2014:
The visit of the following monks was an honour and inspiration:
Ven. Kusalasami (Burmese, resident at Bodhi Vihara, Freising)

Luang Phor Liem Thitadhammo (T, Abbot of Wat Nong Pa Pong, head of the Ajahn-Chah-tradition)
Tan Ajahn Jundee Kantadhammo (T, Abbot of Wat Pa Ambavan, Chonburi, has been our guest in 2011 already)
Ajahn Siripañño (MY, Abbot of Wat Tao Dam)
Ajahn Kevali (D, Abbot of Wat Pa Nanachat)
Ajahn Khemavaro (US, Abbot of Wat Buddhadhamma Australia)
Than Thaniyo
9.-15. June:

Tan Ajahn Dtun Thiracitto, (T, Wat Boonyawas)
Ajahn Tejapañño

For the first time in Muttodaya's history four bhikkhus will be spending the vassa together, so that there is opportunity to recite the patimokkha rules on every Uposatha day (full and new moon): Tan Ajahn Cattamalo, Ajahn Mettiko, Tan Ron Kantadhammo and Tan Khantiko.
  • End of the year 2013 news
The pond has been filled with water from a nearby creek and a fence has been errected for safety reasons. The fence will be replaced by a hedge.

The bathroom building at kuti 1 has been finished. The bathroom building makes life for the sangha easier. Walking 200 metres to the toilet in the main building used to be really tough in the winter and in times of sickness. During the visitors' season up to seven monks had to share the one and only shower. With finishing this project, this belongs to the past. A big thankyou and Sadhu anumodana to all those who helped by donating work and funds.
  • End of rains retreat news 2013
The trailer kuti was connected to main electricity. Insulation of walls and ceiling had to be replaced. The trailer kuti got a new flooring and wall lining, too.
Attached bathroom building at kuti 1:  connected to well water supply and monastery's own sewage system; building is almost done.
Pond: Excavation and sealing for a lotus pond has been done. This pond will serve as a water supply for the fire brigade (required by law for public buildings which are not connected to public water supply).

Visiting monks:
Luang Phor Khamphong and Ajahn Moshe (Thailand, tradition of Ajahn Chah)
Ven. Sarananda (Sri Lanka)
Ajahn Kevali (German, abbot of Wat Pa Nanachat) and Ajahn Ex (Wat Nong Pa Phong)
Ajahn Dhammasiha and Samanera Cittapalo (German, residing in Australia)
Ven. Samita (German, residing in Sri Lanka = our Ex-Anagarika Markus)
  • New Guest Handbook
As of February 2013 the new guest handbook is in effect (link at Visiting). Among a few minor corrections this is the major improvement:

"On arrival all electronic devices have to be handed over to the guest monk for safekeeping during your stay! This includes mobile phones, all types of computer, ebook readers, mps3 players and so on. Even better: Do not bring them with you.

Please manage your private and business affairs before coming here, so that you can have a break from the outside world while you are at the monastery.

The monastery telephone (home line) is available during office hours only in case of emergency and only after obtaining permission from a monk.

The monastery provides mp3 players for use during your stay. You are welcome to use the well-equipped library."

  • End of the year 2012 news
Interfaith Pilgrimage
Our friend Paul Sharman from Australia walked the Saint Jacob's trail on foot. He covered the whole distance from our monastery to Santiago de Compostella (about 2500 km or so) in 4 months, arriving there just in time before Christmas.
  • Rains retreat 2012 News
Building;  The trailer kuti got nicer interior and a floor insulation. The main building got an outer insulation and a solar warm water system.
Meditation masters visiting:
Luang Phor Bunchuu Thitaguno, Luang Phor Kham Nisoko, Luang Phor Damrong Sucitto and Luang Phor Khuun Tikaviro, Ajahn Chah tradition.
Luang Phor Thong Daeng Varapañño, Wat Phra Jao Ton Luang (Dh), Chiang Mai
Khrujahn Ton Dhammarato, Wat Pa Dan Vivek (Dh), Bueng Kan
  • End of the year 2011 news
Development: An anti-roof avalanche railing has been installed on the main building. The well water supply has been improved by the installation of an anti-acidity-applyance.

  • Sima consecration on November 6th 2010
To do an official sangha transaction (sanghakamma) in a Buddhist monastery a determined territory, a so called sima is necessary. It is of advantage if the monastic community itself determines a tailor made territory which suits the specific needs, e.g. around an ordination hall. In Asia every fully established monastery has such a "tied-off" sima, but in Europe there are but a few, for example in Amaravati monastery, England.

On Nov. 6th, 2010 Muttodaya sangha established such a baddhasima. Two monks each from Metta Vihara and Bodhi Vihara monasteries helped on the day before the ceremony with preliminary duties (revoking any unknown previous sima). During the sanghakamma for determining the new sima, Luang Phor Sanong Katapuñño (Wat Sanghathaan, Thailand) was the presiding senior monk.

To mark the territory granit balls were used. They had been dangling suspended on wooden frames above dug holes in the ground for the last 4 months. More than 300 guests plastered them with gold leaves. Some of them had travelled from afar (Singapore, Malaysia ...).

At exactly 14.14 hrs. (2.14 p.m.) the patrons, among them the Royal Thai Ambassador, cut the ropes and made the balls drop into the earth. A few days later eklogite boulders with brass plaquettes were placed on top as a visible sign. Eklogite is a very heavy and hard mineral which is quite rare. The boulders which are 500 Mio years old were donated by the mayor of Stammbach, Mr Ehrler.

Half an hour after "dropping the pinballs" the sangha kamma for establishing the sima took place. An impressive sight: 11 bhikkhus from 7 countries. Later patimokkha was recited in the brand new sima and Ven. Kaccayana finished the day in a worthy way with his talk on sense restraint "Sima of the Heart".

photos on our photo page and on following links:
[Cheng Geok Thong's gallery]
[Jian Jen Thong's gallery]
[Simatrix - Mutto-Minimovie]
[Muttodaya Sima - Muttomovie]

  • Rains retreat 2010 News


The second winterproof monks' kuti is near to completion. The cellar in the main building got wall plastering, a door and a concrete floor. It contains the new well water filter system which provides officially approved drinking water for every tap in the house. The info room received a new ceiling, the gas containers a weather proof box. The small wood shed was renovated and the big one was roofed with tiles. Several rooms in the main building became more colourful due to some paint jobs. The central heating room and the trailer got new floors. A beautiful shrine for our even more beautiful new buddha image was built in the Dhamma hall. The Dhamma hall windows and other windows were adorned with Dhamma wheel stickers (the real reason was to prevent birds from flying against the glass and breaking their necks). At the Dhamma hall entrance a brass sign "Ger Stahl-Dhamma halle" dedicates the hall to our first main sponsor without whom this monastery would not exist.
The path for walking meditation near kuti 1 was improved. Underground cables connect kuti 1 and consecutively kuti 2 with electricity. The meadow behind the main building was turned into a forest - more than 500 trees were planted.
We have a new (second hand) monastery car with the auspicious license number HO-TU 108.
Two booklets for free distribution were printed (sorry, German only!).
A number of monks and nuns came for a visit, among them Ajahn Jayasaro and Luang Phor Thong Daeng Varapañño,
The monastics of Muttodaya visited Bodhi-Vihara monastery, Freising for a recitation of the Patimokkha (10 monks attending!) and for networking with other monasteries in Germany.

Many, many thanks and "Sadhu, anumodana" to all the generous helpers and donors who made this positive development happen!

  • End of the Year 2009 News


The first winterproof kuti has been finished. It has become a quiet, warm and inspiring place of retreat which is now inhabited by Tan Mettiko. His former accomodation, a trailer, is no longer needed (no-one else wants to stay in it) and is to be “exchanged” for building material. The building of kuti 2 has begun.

Various tasks of renovation around the main building and barn have been completed. Improvement of the water supply is still to be done: replacing 200 m of old underground cable to the well pump, a water filtering device complying with strict German law.

The meadow behind the house will be turned into forest. The application process is under way. Along the main path Michael has planted 10 taller trees as some kind of natural border of the monastery land.

The existing forest is being rejuvenated gradually. Tightly standing trees are being thinned out. Firewood for our modern wood central heating has been chopped; our own harvest should be enough for this winter.


Since November 21st we got a new Anagarika. Markus Garz asked for the eight precepts and the one-year training in order to prepare for novice ordination.

  • First Patimokkha Recitation
On Asalha Puja Day, the full moon in July, with a little help from our friends (bhikkhus from Freising), we could complete the quorum (4 bhikkhus minimum) for our first patimokkha recitation at the monastery. The recitation of the 227 rules is something special, because it establishes a monastic communion (samvasa) and reconfirms the ordination lineage going all the way back to the Buddha. A truly auspicious event! It got even better when in the afternoon relics were enshrined underneath the Buddha statue on top of our new stupa. The stupa was then dedicated to the 28 Buddhas of the past, in a little ceremony performed by 5 bhikkhus and attended by about 50 lay people.

  • Message from Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

"During his early years as a monk in Burma and Sri Lanka, Ven. Nyanatiloka had dreamed of establishing a Buddhist monastery in Europe to serve as a base for the spread of the Dhamma across the Continent. In 1910, he actually returned to Europe in the hope of realizing his dream. Conditions in Europe, however, were far from favorable for this purpose, and thus, after several months, he returned to Sri Lanka. Here he established the Island Hermitage, a monastery for Westerners on Ratgama Lagoon, which became the ordination home of many esteemed monks from Western countries, including the German scholar-monk Nyanaponika Thera.

Now, almost a century after Ven. Nyanatiloka gave up on his dream, the requisite supporting conditions have come together and led to the founding of Muttodaya, a Theravada monastery inhabited by European monks, established in the heart of Germany. To live the renunciant life in the midst of a Western country requires a rare combination of qualities. It needs courage to face challenging conditions, patience to meet incomprehension and rejection from others, and compassion in persisting to teach the Dhamma so that people can grow in faith and wisdom.

As they complete their first year of residence at Muttodaya, I congratulate the monks of the monastery for undertaking this great task and thereby helping to fulfill the original ideal of Ven. Nyanatiloka. I also express my appreciation to their lay supporters for assisting the monks and contributing to this endeavor, which opens an important new chapter in the history of Buddhism in Germany."

  • Development at the monastery
(see also our photo page)
Visitors after the rains:
For our Kathina celebration Bhante Anuruddha (Mettavihara) and Tan Nyanadassano (Amaravati) came for a visit and helped to sew the Kathina robe.
During winter Ajahn Vimalo, Ajahn Kongrit and Ajahn Hasakhorn came from England (Amaravati) and stayed for a while. Also Ajahn Kevali (Wat Pah Nanachat), Bhante Sukhacitto (Amaravati) and Bhikkhu Thitadhamma (Bodhi Vihara Freising) have come for a visit. Lama Lhündrup came for 2 days for some intertradition dialogue.
Meditation master Tan Pu Ton Dhammarato from Wat Pa Darn Vivek, Nong Khai, Thailand, came for a 4 days visit end of June - a real blessing for all who took the opportunity to listen to his Dhamma straight from the heart and were touched by his metta.
Our wood shed is done. Because of its extended roof it can also be used for outdoor walking meditation if the weather is bad.
Renovation of the Dhamma hall is finished. It has become an inspiring, quiet place, inviting to do meditation. Thanks to our many helpers, esp. Dietmar, Herbert, Klaus, Manfred und Beate.
The monastery sign was finally mounted after the danger of roof avalanches was over. Many thanks to Leo who donated it.
Almost 100 trees were planted to turn the meadow behind the main building into a forest. Good job by Jason, Jochen and Philip.
Work on 2 fully insulated kutis (huts) which can be used in the winter has begun.
Phase one of our stupa project has been finished as well.

  • Dedication ceremony
On the 25th May there was a Vesak (Visakha) celebration and the formal dedication of the monastery to the monks' community (bhikkhu-sangha) of the four quarters, present and future. About 60 people from all parts of Germany have gathered for this occasion. Among them were sponsors who made the purchase of the property possible through their generous donations. After the actual dedication, the monks chanted auspicious Paritta texts in Pali. Apart from two resident monks (Ajahn Cattamalo, Bhikkhu Gavesako) there were also three visiting monks (Ajahn Chachwan, Bhante Sukhacitto, Ajahn Kevali). They were representing the Sangha which, according to the Vinaya, is a group of four or more monks.

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