Visiting Muttodaya

(Information for monks who wish to visit the monastery [here])

Winter break: The monastery does not receive overnight guests from December 1st 2019 until February 29th 2020.

Season 2019: Due to water shortage we will at best have a reduced capacity for accommodating visitors. The bookings that have been placed already remain valid.

Day visitors are welcome to use the meditation hall and the library between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.. Meeting a monk is possible after the meal or by appointment.

A limited number of lay practicioners can stay and practise at the monastery provided they have requested a date, registered by eMail, phone or letter and their registration has been confirmed by the sangha.

There is no fee or suggested donation, but please note that running a monastery does cost money and is dependend on the generosity of others.

Camping on monastery grounds or in the surrounding area is against administrative law. Infringement causes damage for the monastery.

The monastery is neither a therapy center, nor a wellness institute, nor a drug withdrawal station, nor a place where parents can dump naughty kids.
IT IS a place where guests are required to work with DISCIPLINE on reducing their defilements and changing bad habits!

Only guest with valid health insurance can be accepted!

Guests are required to participate in the daily activities and follow the eight precepts:

1. To refrain from killing any living beings.
2. To refrain from taking what is not given.
3. To refrain from any sexual activity.
4. To refrain from lying and unwholesome speach.
5. To refrain from intoxication with alcohol or drugs.
6. To refrain from eating after noon.
7. To refrain from entertainment and beautifying the body.
8. To refrain from luxurious beds (sleeping too much).

All guests have to follow the daily schedule and activities (exceptions for health reasons can be discussed with the senior monk). Mutual respect and consideration, maintaining a quiet meditative atmosphere, cleanliness and heedfulness are the pillars of a harmonious communal life.

Registration procedure:

1. Read the handbook for guests (new version 2019) and see if the conditions are acceptable for you. If yes:
[download handbook]

2. Contact us via email or phone and find out if we can accomodate you during the desired period. If yes:

3. Fill in the registration form and send it by email or letter. A new form is neccessary for every visit.
[download registration form]
The file will be stored internally. The applicant agrees to that. The data will not be processed and not made available to third parties (except cases of insurance liabilities). The data will be used for evaluation of the application and in case of emergency.

(The monastic community Muttodaya does not run a blog and does not participate in "social networks". If you encounter any Facebook, Twitter or similar accounts, or a Blog bearing the name "Muttodaya", please be aware: THEY ARE FAKE!
Trying to contact us through those media is pointless. 

4. We will then confirm your stay and wish you a safe journey.

Mails from our domain usually end up in the google spam filter. If you wonder why you don't get a reply from us, check your spam or get another email account.

If you want to participate in the events or practise at the monastery during the day but do not want to stay at the monastery, you will find inexpensive  accomodation near the monastery, or, if you prefer, more upmarket hotels.

Recommended by supporters of the monastery:

in Gundlitz, Hohenbuchen 79, 10 minutes walk to the monastery; contact Mr and Mrs Domitrovic, phone 09256-9608170 or 0162-1760233

in Weißenbach
, 25 minutes walk through the forest to the monastery:
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell; phone 09227-9456686; (native English speaker);

in Stammbach, 10 minutes by car, 20 minutes by bicycle:
Ferienhof Obertennersreuth, Ottokar Feulner, Obertennersreuth 24, 95236 Stammbach,

in Hermes, 1 hour walk through the forest to the monastery:
Landgasthof Haueis, Hermes 1, 95352 Marktleugast, phone: +49 (0) 9255 245,

in Stammbach
, 10 minutes by car, 20 minutes by bicycle:
Mrs. Stauß, Töpferstraße 14, 95236 Stammbach, ph. 09256 615

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